A Weekly Exercise To Embrace Little Failures


I was reminded about Sara Blakely when she did a little cameo on a recent Billions (Dan's and my favorite series).  Sara is the youngest female self-made billionaire who hatched the and nurtured the concept of Spanx into the empire that it is today.  She's profiled often and happy to share her wealth of wisdom.  

As I went down the internet rathole of diligence on Sara after her cameo, I found her recent Inc interview where she was quoted saying that the best thing her parents did for her is sit her down weekly to ask what she failed at.  In getting comfortable acknowledging failure as a normal step she never grew to fear it or shirk from it.  Instead she leaned into it because it meant she tried something that was going to work or didn't.  In her case she talks about failing the LSAT twice before moving on to kickstarting Spanx.  

Thinking about this in the context of my own development as well as in raising children, I can spot my own fear of failure and how that could inevitably come up in this next generation who, at least for now, I'm guilty of praising to no end. 

Bodie's not really in the zone yet for meaingful heart to hearts reflecting on his failures of the week but I thought it could be something to try between Dan and I.  In the beginning it's a bit contrived but in doing it week over week, you can get into a bit of rhythm of finding something to fail at.  Odd.  But it means trying something that's you're not totally confident in or even, weak at.  

If nothing else, it gives you something to talk about.  Maybe instead of binging on Billions. 

Read the full Inc interview with Sara Blakely, CEO of Spanx, here.

Featured photo by STIL on Unsplash