Mommy-Work | Work That Works For Mothers


When we visit Dan's grandfather, we go to a little town called Ra'nana, outside of Tel Aviv.  It's almost idyllic with large families spilling out of white homes bordered with sweet smelling orange flower bushes.  When we visited Israel last year I came back with tales about the child friendly city with playgrounds around every corner and five star restaurants that didn't flinch at a toddler.  

It also happens to be a tech hub so put that entrepreneurial and family forward energy together and it's no surprise that they would be one of the first to make waves with a new type of co-working space.  Mommy Work is a day care combined with a collaborative office space to soften separation and keep mother and child close while allowing her to stay engaged and creative with a community.  Like a WeWork, there's real estate for shared common rooms and nice amenities with the bonus of a childcare space and staff.  I can't say the "timed diaper changes" would make me completely at ease but it's certainly a step in the right direction. 

With all women's clubs like The Wing creating a groundswell, I've long loved the idea of physical spaces that allow mothers to connect and create while kids are in safe care nearby.  Given that some of the best ideas have come out of Israel (Waze, WeWork, etc.), I'm hopeful this means there may be a Mommy Work of some sort coming to the States.  I'm keeping my eye on Co-Hatchery in Williamsburg and hopeful they make moves to the Upper West side next.  

Would you consider a drop in work space like this with on-site childcare?  Do you know of one in the works or in your area? We'd love to hear! x

Featured Image via @WorkspaceGoals