5 Tips On Managing Pregnancy Sleeplessness


I'm now thoroughly convinced that our brains work magic on forgetting the aches and pains of pregnancy after our little people enter the world to keep the circle of life going. I proudly told people how much I loved my pregnancy with Bodie and already, the first-trimester lethargy and second-trimester bout of shingles have become a distant memory this time around. 

Just as I was about to claim I was enjoying the bump and the good vibes, boom, came the nights getting into bed at 930pm not to fall asleep for three long hours.  

This week, I caved (or said another way, listened to my body) and instead of marching to my workspace during precious Monday and Tuesday nanny hours, I took a bath ( a real one in a tub with salts) and got right back into bed.  Our community is incredible on Instagram and chimed in with over twenty different ideas on how they manage or in some cases avoid the wakeful nights. 

The five that I'm going to give a try:

"It took me forever to realize that I woke when I was hungry in the night (even though I didn't feel hungry).  So I used to keep nuts and eat them when I woke.  Sometimes that's not enough so I go eat some protein and then try to go back to bed and it always works."
"I've been using doTERRA essential oils.  I take one serenity soft gel and put cedar wood on the bottom of my feet.  I ease into sleep naturally, stay asleep, am not groggy in the morning and can wake up at night if I hear my toddler but can easily fall back asleep.  It's been life-saving!  I sleep as I should regularly, not like I am 32 weeks pregnant!"
"I read boring books! In my opinion, The History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.  I've also bookmarked the NYT real estate section, and Cup of Jo house tours and motherhood around the world segments."
"I took Unisom occasionally, which my OB approved and said there are tons of studies on pregnant women taking" (Another mother mentioned taking a small dose of Benadryl).
"Guh - dealt with this earlier in this pregnancy.  I feel like I tried it all.  Meditation helped me a little - Headspace before bed.  And I would read when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  That would usually help me fall back asleep." (There were many notes on meditation and others suggested the app, Calm)

I'll report back, but in the meantime, I'll revel in the specialness of a shared experience with women I may never meet in real life and take comfort that this too, will be a distant memory in a matter of weeks.  Our bodies and brains are magic.