Ciao - We'll Be Back On August 8th!

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We leave for Italy tomorrow! Dan and I have a good friend's wedding festivities to attend and my parents, being the incredible people they are, volunteered to tack on and make it a longer family holiday with built in babysitting.  So the five of us will be setting up shop for a little more than a week in a pretty villa in Todi and I hear it's just a little bit away from a plaza with a gelateria, a pizza shop and a pasta place.  Every bit of that sounds divine. 

I read this lovely post on why we shouldn't think twice about our kids not remembering some of these incredible experiences in their earliest years.  Bodie may never remember the details of Umbria but I hope he always knows we loved meeting new people and places, especially with him.

To fully soak up the time together, we'll be taking the week off on the blog but will be keeping up with everyone on Instagram.  

What are your favorite adventures, big or small, planned this summer?  Hope you find your slivers of time to disconnect to take it all in. xo