An Easy Way To Clear Out Your Closets And Do Good


Pinterest sold me on the idea of a capsule wardrobe with covetable images of a single floating steel rack strung with no more than a dozen neutral quality pieces.  Despite a quarterly stripping of my wardrobe I never quite got there, and neither my drawers or closet space was ever photo-worthy.

When I rounded into my second trimester this time around, I started feeling some combination of an itch to nest with more of a challenge finding what to wear.  Griping to a girlfriend who happens to be our guest style editor, I managed to somehow get Liz onboard for helping me do a deep clean.

Not everyone has a stylist in their close circuit, but if you know one, I highly recommend the hourly rate or if you don't, recruit a close friend, for an extra set of qualified eyes to edit the excess down to what's current and flattering.  In the three hours we set aside, we cleared out three hefty garbage bags. Dan is still a bit confused as to how this was an asset as opposed to a massive loss.  Three weeks later, I can say getting ready has been infinitely more relaxed with the organization of what I do have by season, color and style and a clear view to only pieces that I'll actually wear.  

Meanwhile, those hefty bags lay almost forgotten hidden just below the line of sight in our bathtub which hasn't gotten used since I was laboring with Bodie.  After finally committing to a deadline to Dan, I remembered ThredUp.  I ordered two free "clean out" kits - one to sell and one to donate. 

Liz had already sorted my piles with an eye to what was best given to someone in need and what was a high ticket value even if it wasn't right for me.  I received two huge, sturdy and pre-labeled bags in the mail which I promptly filled with my bathtub treasures and dropped to the doorman (if you don't live in a city, you can drop at a FedEx or USPS location).  One bag came with a list of charities that it'll be sent to though ThredUp also let me choose which one I was most interested in.  The other came with a reminder of criteria for the items they'll sell or consign (i.e., would you give it to a friend?) and a commitment to pass along anything they don't accept to the donation pile.  

It really is a new chapter when opening my still-clean closets and looking at the bare bottom of my tub feel like small victories.  But we can all do with small victories, and this one happens to be made quite a bit easier with some careful outsourcing. 

Do you get as much satisfaction from a closet clean out? Have you given ThredUp a go? xo

Featured Image by Priscilla Nguyen Image via Stylizimo