MU Picked · For Picnic Playdates

Summer is my favorite time in New York despite all the collective complaints about the higher temperatures in our concrete jungle.  Two weeks ago we rounded up our stroller essentials to make for a good time in the park and it got so much love I decided to do a part two on what I keep on the ready for my favorite part - our picnic dinners on Friday early evenings.  You can scroll the list below or find them in the MU·Picked shop where we gather all our favorites for balanced living in motherhood.

As a reminder, all affiliate revenue from the shop starting in June through the end of August will be donated to RAICES to aid the reunion of families separated at our borders. 


1. S'well Bottles work wonders to keep water or wine cool (and discreet) for the grown ups.  

2. Think Baby Steel Cup does the same for the littles and keeps water feeling fresh on hot days, key with more particular toddlers. 

3. Babyganics Disinfecting Wipes have been a long time favorite and do the trick before meals without feeling toxic when kids dig into their dinner.  

4. These FEED bags are roomy and easy to wash after the inevitable grass and dirt stains.  They're softer than the standard canvas tote so easier to tuck into stroller storage.  

5. Yumbox makes variations on size and color but are carefully portioned for healthy eating and are compact and flat to slip into a diaper bag.  

6. The O2Cool stroller fan earned me a lot of flack from close friends about being high maintenance but this little clip on gadget gave me a lot of peace of mind for the littlest ones that are lounging in the stroller for longer periods of time. 

7. Munchkin Snack Cups aren't necessarily the most chic but the company knows what they're doing in creating sturdy containers that are easy for little hands to get into.

8. Gathre Maxi Square Mats are a new staple in our house.  We've used SkipHop mats before but Gathre has a more neutral, quality textured collection that can double as a playmat indoors and out.  For picnics, they work extra hard being easy to wipe down.  

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Featured image of our favorite Gathre mat