On Teaching Sharing & New Brand, Bokk Baby

On the swing set at our local park last week, Bodie was singing orders about pushing from the front to pushing in the back when he suddenly interrupted with, "Mummy, friend's turn". 

While I was totally absorbed with listening to my tiny boss's orders, my little boy had noticed a dad was waiting with his baby girl and reached his arms up to get down and offer his spot.  My entire inside smiled. 

That concept of sharing is so hard to reach for little ones but one of the game changers for us was talking about it in terms of turns.  "Turns" felt tangible and Bodie took to it quite naturally around 18 months to two years old.  

When I first sat down with Margaret from Bokk Baby and she described her concept of gift boxes of baby clothes that you could fill and send back with your old goods to get distributed meaningfully by their team - I immediately thought about turns.  That simple concept that brings down to earth and makes tangible the idea of giving others a chance with something you've already enjoyed. 

In this moment of motherhood, where a slice of us get the privelege to find and invest in quality goods, the idea of a brand bringing to life an easy way to give back to other little ones feels simple, straightforward and right. 

We just got this for our littlest one on the way and this and this organic hemp cotton jogger set for Bodie's first fall at nursery school. As we now parse through all of Bodie's things to make space for our newest member of the family, I'm filling my box to send back to the team at Bokk Baby.  The goods will be bundled into "take home packages" for new mothers in Senegal, inspired by work Margaret and her boyfriend (and business partner!) did in the area.  

I've been going through Bodie's things with him and using the language of giving turns to take the concept beyond the playground. I'm not sure if Bodie full gets that he's helping give a baby far away a turn with his lovely things but I'm fully grasping Bokk Baby's words, "every baby deserves a warm welcome into the world."  

What do you currently do with your lightly loved baby and child's goods? How do you pass along the love?  

Featured Image via @bokkbaby