Work That Works For Mothers | Intuit


I take a special pride in seeing novel ideas come out of India, my country of origin but also a country that I root for because of its sometimes underestimated presentation but well-intentioned, humble drive.

When we began the series Work That Works For Mothers at launch of Mother Untitled, I was worried the lot of companies we would profile would be quite often ones in female dominated creative industries leaving behind finance and technology. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness of some of the greatest firms in both of those sectors.

So, the story of Intuit Again caught both my personal and professional interest. In India, in 2015, Intuit (parent company to TurboTax, Quickbooks and Mint) ran a pilot program to invite technologists back to their workforce who may have taken a career pause to care for their family. It’s not just an open invite but a support structure to get up to speed after their time away.

The team was enough pleased with the interest and the subsequent performance of all the talent that Intuit has since launched the program in the States as of this year. I particularly love that this isn’t limited to people who took a maximum of a year or so and in fact, Intuit Again invites any talent that took a minimum of two years off for caregiving.

Beyond the technicals, the ethos of this like other “returnship” concepts we’ve seen prior is that it empathizes with a man or woman’s desire to lean into parenting for a period of time and recognizes their potential and experience on the other side.

Did you come from a technical background? Would you be interested in a company that provided a specific platform to re-enter the workforce after a pause? We’d love to hear xo

Featured Image via Kancyl Deals (via Pinterest)