Work That Works For Mothers | Reboot Accel

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When we launched Mother Untitled and looked around at our community of women, online and offline, taking pauses or making shifts to focus on family, the question about returning to the traditional full-time workforce - if, when and how - came up consistently. I can’t speak to that with any experience of my own but I felt a surge of confidence in meeting the team from ReBoot Accel.

The founding team begins with Diane Flynn, an HBS graduate and Bain Consulting alum, who took her own pause to raise her kids and met, like we have, other women who shared her intelligence and curiosity coupled with a desire to lean into motherhood for the early years. As their kids grew, they found camaraderie in navigating their own choice points. The point of re-entry, for most of them once their kids were school age, was complicated. After Diane took several years off, she took on a role she was excited about as a CMO at GSVlabs simultaneously inviting lots of questions from friends who had challenges including not knowing where to start, wanting to pivot, feeling like their skills needed to be brought up to date or just lacking in confidence.

So Diane along with other women from her community built ReBoot as a way to address the entire equation. ReBoot works with women considering returning to the traditional workforce on skill sharpening and storytelling while working with organizations like Visa to recognize and better incorporate the talent pool of women with significant experience combined with the perspective and network gained in time spent raising a family.

The platform goes several levels deeper than a jobs board that pairs candidates with opportunities and gets at how to make a candidate who’s been out of the workforce feel good and strong going into said opportunity. There’s an online learning offering on where to start, how to source the right fit and negotiate compensation. There are also in-person workshops and coaching, which I’ve flagged for the next time I’m in the Bay Area.

Beyond their well rounded and empathetic grasp on this crossroads, I appreciate that this company, wedged among the tech circuit and big VC shops on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, is saying it’s ok if your career path isn’t a straight shot and that your time away from the workforce might just make you better equipped to find the right next step on the other side.

If you’re taking a pause do you think about re-entry and if so what questions come to mind? If you’ve already transitioned back to work after taking time off, what was your experience? We’d love to hear xo.