My Favorite Purchase For Back To School Season


What are your favorite memories for the start of every elementary school year when you were little?  I shockingly don't remember buying clothes but my mother reminds me often that I could've spent endless hours in the CVS pen and paper aisle. 

I admittedly let a lot of things slip over August, giving in to the slowness of the summer days and the fast pace of a toddler enjoying said days.  Bodie is the only one of us starting school (!) next week but I have every intention of using the anticipation of that to get into the same spirit. 

My taste in paper goods has dialed up a bit from the pharmacy aisles as have the options. I have a particular soft spot right now for Golden Coil - planners that IMHO are better suited for women (and men) who live in the grey area swinging between work and family and life.  None of us in the MU community especially have a one size fits all situation so these sweetly patterned, neutral palette books (I'm going with neutral linen) let you fill the year with pages that align with your priorities.  

I'm personally simplifying September to prioritize family admin and time to make for smooth transitions for all of us, get ahead of realistic plans for the site for the remainder of 2018 and fit in personal wellness appointments to prepare for labor and post-partum. 

Pending what you're working or focused on you can create your notebook accordingly - I love that the range of drag and drop options for your planner include nuanced pages like freelance finances, baby charts, "creative brain dumps" or variations on calendaring layouts.  I probably most appreciate that you can also select time frames for that particular notebook that make sense for how you're thinking and living. I chose September through end of year to keep me focused on the season ahead so I can take this next stretch one day at a time.  

Do you enjoy the old school feel of planners or prefer an online calendaring tool or app? What are you doing to get organized if you're also in the back to school spirit? 

Featured Image via Golden Coil