The Invisible Load of Mothers

I put out a raw reflection on our Instagram this morning as I held Lyla. The community groundswell around it was so intense and beautiful that we rejiggered the editorial calendar and replaced our scheduled blog post with the below copy and paste of today’s thoughts from the Feed.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 1.50.32 PM.png

If only I could do this all day. I’ve been thinking a lot about the invisible load of mothers - the doctor appointment scheduling, the gift buying, the sleep training, the class registration, the packing bags for mornings out.

When we were traveling, I wish I’d counted the people who came up daily to applaud Dan for his involvement with the kids - one guy brought him a drink! Dan is a wonderful father and deserves all the drinks but no one came up to me to tell me I was doing a great job as I nursed my then ten week old and consoled my almost three year old. I get it - Dan looked pretty impressive playing with Bodie in the pool but in the quiet of the morning, no one saw what came before as I spun around the hotel room making sure kids were adequately covered from the sun and supplies were packed in case of poop, hunger, sickness or boredom📝 None of this is to say I don’t feel incredibly lucky for a true partner in parenting - it is to say, that the role of the mother is assumed - dare I say, often taken for granted. It’s on us to give each other the cheering. To tell each other we see each other - that even if what we do is behind closed doors it’s not invisible.

[Head over to Instagram to] Tag and leave a comment for a friend who deserves to be seen today for all she does. It’s not a drink but it’s something. 

Do you relate? Tell us and please do take a minute to cheer for another mother this week. She would probably like to hear it. xo