The Best Gift For Older Siblings

Photo by Chantall Marshall

Photo by Chantall Marshall

Right before I had Lyla and was starting to grieve the end of the chapter with Bodie as my only, I began to lean the most I ever have on other mothers.  I took great comfort in knowing that my feelings were normal and welcomed every bit of advice on making the adjustment as smooth as possible for everyone involved. 

Those who had walked the plank before me, diving into life with two plus, were understanding of the colossal emotions and the gravitas for both, Bodie and me. They’ve also been thoughtful in their gift giving.  

Among our generous friends, one in particular was just a month ahead of me on this journey with their older daughter just shy of Bodie’s age.  Giver her very recent and intimate understanding of the complexities and challenges of the transition, her gift was timely and truly helpful.  

She sent a collection of light, quiet activities to inspire self play for Bodie with the suggestion to use them for “nursing stations”.  For the following few months, those stations became little pockets of our home that had space for all three of us - me nursing Lyla and Bodie to play alongside us.   

In my first week or two postpartum I kept a basket by my bed so we could all rest and play together even when I wasn’t feeling my most mobile. 

I circulated the gifted activities along with some other goodies into small baskets so Bodie could draw from them whenever he needed.  Here were staples in our nursing stations:  

1. Toddler coloring book

2. Melissa & Doug 4-in-1 Puzzles  

3. WikkiStix Alphabet Fun Cards

4. Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever 

5. Ooly Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons (these write on windows!)  

This gift just felt like one big, “I get it”.  I’m all about gifting moms that sense of camaraderie.

What was the most useful gift you received when you had your baby? 

 Featured Image via The House That Lars Built