Why I'm Taking On My Ancestry Project

My mother and I in Bombay before we moved to the States.

My mother and I in Bombay before we moved to the States.

I have a very clear thesis that leaning into family life can unlock personal growth on so many levels. Levels that are constantly emerging and evolving. In the last couple weeks I’ve been feeling pulled to explore my Indian ancestry.

I lived there until I was three and then we moved to a little town in Mass where we stayed until my 20s. I think I spent so long trying to fit into an all white town that even when I was ready I had lost true connection to where I came from.

I think this all came up for me watching my kids integrate into their own communities and consciously wanting to make sure that I didn’t put my insecurities about racism, inclusion, etc on them. And then I realized it was time to stop telling myself the old story of being on the outside. I

just deleted a whole paragraph of analysis on where that started and how it got reinforced but the real message is that this is something I’m working on and I’m so grateful to the space and purpose I have in this chapter for getting me to a place I always needed to be ,

What part of yourself has this period of time challenged you to be more authentic about?