The New Collaboration Between Pehr x Chasing Paper


I’ve long loved Pehr Designs for our nurseries and play space to keep the kids toys contained and the floors cozy. The aesthetic bridges playful and elevated, which I value in days at home with the kids. I recently posted about some of the brands top of mind as I plan for the kids rooms in our forever(ish) home and key is either, timelessness or flexibility so the space can grow with the kids. Chasing Paper was high on the list given their gorgeous range of removable wallpapers to help dress up any space without heavy cost or commitment.

So I consider it divine timing that just as our move in draws closer, these two sweet brands launched a collection of nine prints of peel and stick wallpaper. I’ll be doing the Traffic Jam print for a feature wall in Bodie’s bathroom and I’m between the Magical Forest and Stripes Away (maybe both!) for Lyla’s room. Bodie loved the Rainbows too so we may buy a few panels of those and doctor up our play kitchen.

Unlike when I let Bodie loose in Farrow & Ball and ended up promising an Earth red wall, this is one collection I don’t mind Bodie having a go at choosing.

Do you experiment with wallpaper in your home? Which are your favorites?

Featured Image courtesy of Pehr x Chasing Paper