My Sunday Habits To Step Into The Week Ahead With Intention

Golden Coil planners    are my favorite.

Golden Coil planners are my favorite.

Sunday scaries feel like a thing of the past for me. I enjoy our weekends thoroughly but I also cherish the routine and structure of the week. That said, where the weekend flows, the week includes a heavier lift of coordination, time management and overall thoughtfulness. I’ve started doing the following to step into the weeks with more intention as opposed to the feeling of stumbling through the motions.

  1. I know To-Do lists feel played out but I write a Weekly Essentials checklist (for the kids, for our family, for myself and MU) to help cut the extra distractions that crop up and also help me know where to allocate time. I use a Golden Coil notebook but I know people swear by apps like ToDoist.

  2. Writing is my creative outlet and it also happens to be my work at a time when I’m not formally working. It’s the thing I’m doing to advance my career during my pause and it’s the thing I want to do more of when I’m on the other side of the early years with kids. But forcing myself to write when I have say, an hour, between drop off and a play date doesn’t come easily. So while I have the breathing room on the weekend, I jot down the ideas and prompts that tend to flow better now.

  3. What makes our weekends so enjoyable is the feeling of partnership between Dan and I, it’s the part I miss the most during the weeks. Over the summer we started using our Sunday drives home from the beach to review our calendars so that we could align on what nights we’d have together, what evenings Dan could sneak home early to help put the kids to bed and any of his work travel or engagements so I didn’t feel caught off guard. It’s a habit that’s stuck and serves us both. This is also when I get to ask for a night out with my girlfriends if I spy an opening.

  4. By Friday there’s usually a list of things I know we’re running low on - diapers and hand soap. That stuff can easily be forgotten until Monday at 4am when I’m Amazon Prime Now’ing. Those are the little stressors that feel unnecessary so I’ve started doing a quick audit of the must-haves, diapers and formula and stock up by Sunday evening so that we’re going into Monday without a shopping scramble.

  5. One of the seemingly small things I did when we first hired a nanny was rummage Paper Source for a weekly calendar notepad that is a permanent fixture in our kitchen. This is where we jot down playdates and classes and doctors appointments so that the two of us can be on the same page about what’s coming up. In our case where we tag-team on the kids, beyond filling in the notepad with the kid’s activity I’m making a habit of also cross-referencing with my own calendar and to-dos so I can roughly plan out the times I’ll be stepping away from the home so she knows when she’ll be in charge.

That’s it for now but I love the idea of going into the week with thoughtfulness about what’s coming up so please share - what helps you organize the home or yourself for the week ahead?