A New Kids Brand And The Real Joy of Hand Me Downs


When we had a boy almost exactly one year after one of my closest and most fashion-forward friends, we became the lucky recipients of the best of their kid’s clothes. I remember my girlfriend messaging me after seeing an Instagram shot of Bodie in a pair of cute mustard cat patterned pants that were a previous favorite from her son’s wardrobe.  As soon as she scrolled over it, she went digging back a year for images of her son trotting around in those.  It was like a personal time hop sending her back to find sweet memories. 

At that time, I loved her hand me down collection for the practicality but couldn’t truly get the sentiment. Until, Lyla inherited all of Bodie’s things.  I must have had a lot of energy as a first time parent because one month before Lyla’s due date, I unpacked all of Bodie’s baby things - washed, sorted and folded in sealed Container Store boxes labeled with age range.  Bodie wore a lot of cream, navy and grey in classic solids and stripes so most everything made the cut to be passed along to his sister.

As the blur of newborn days has lifted,  I can see more clearly my children’s independent personalities and their inevitable, inexplicable connection growing. Suddenly I see their impact on each other everywhere. Even in the littlest things like a grey stripe crew neck long sleeve onesie.

That was the onesie Bodie rolled for the first time in.  Coincidentally it turned out to be the outfit Lyla wore when she did too.  They rolled the same way.  From stomach to back, first.  The funniest view for any onlooker because both my babies have giant bald spots as their signature four month look. 

Watching Lyla on her tummy in that heather grey and white outfit, a flood of feelings followed - of pride and love for my first born and my second and the immense gratitude for getting to witness this twice.  And at the same time, intense longing for the time gone.  Suddenly I got it and why my girlfriend enjoyed so generously sharing all her son’s pre loved goods. 

Now, having experienced my own time hop, I have an eye to the brands that can last from Bodie to Lyla and onward.  Bodie wore a lot of Petit Bateau and Splendid basics that held up well in color and quality albeit some occasional pilling and fading.  But then my dear friend  (and our second Another Mother Her Way feature), Alex Day Golden, sent me samples of her new line and nothing compares.  Paper Cape is a line crafted from the softest Pima cotton, intentionally designed to be passed down between family and friends. 

I admittedly always thought words like heritage were purely to describe aesthetic - an Americana look a la classic Ralph Lauren - until I received Bodie’s Paper Cape everywhere tee. The fabric has softness and quality to it that is obvious to anyone even its most innocent customer - Bodie is currently requesting it on repeat. Thankfully it’s made such that it promises hundreds of wears and washes so that by the time Lyla is wearing that tee in two years it’ll still look new.  Lyla’s matching Peter Pan collar onesie will go to my best childhood friend who has just had her little girl a few months behind us.  Hand me downs never felt so luxe and curated.

Bodie and Lyla will soon develop their unique tastes but for now while they both are on board with simple palettes and quality feel, I’ll happily invest in anything that they can share between one another. Added bonus if it holds promise of carefully passing down and bringing me back to moments that go too fast. 

Do you store your kids’ stuff? What are your favorite items that have had staying power in your family? xo

Featured Image via Paper Cape