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Courtesy of  ProMama

Courtesy of ProMama

The case for flexible work isn’t one that needs to be made to this community. The transition back to the workplace after a pause or vice versa, to shift focus to family life from full-time work is made easier with jobs that align with what you are able or ready to give. Still, finding a supply of interesting, well-suited jobs remains a hot topic.

Asking for flexibility - be it part-time or remote arrangements- has historically been a daunting conversation with employers. The social reward of the uptick of platforms in the flexible workspace is that they’ve done loads for the narrative, making clear the benefit to employers and simultaneously chipping away at any stigma around wanting that flexibility.

We’ve seen (and talked about) several platforms but I think this is one category still in its early stages with room for more players giving it TLC. And the category benefits from a personal, passionate, curated touch. Among the highly focused curators of this marketplace is Pro Mama . It’s an Austin based platform with two mothers at the helm, who lead this project with advocacy for the productivity and qualifications of a particular talent pool - mothers.

While other platforms are keen on making flexibility a larger conversation less about women and more about a broader cultural need, I appreciate Jessica Gaffney and Ariele Rosch, ProMama co-founders’, clear focus. They have their own experiences pivoting from the marketing industry to consulting, freelance or part-time roles back to full-time work. They recognize the immense mental and physical load that does come with motherhood in its early years, typically more so than for fathers. They also appreciate and are well versed in the very specific offering women, especially in this life stage, bring to the workplace. The attention to mothers and our relationship to flexible work makes them uniquely equipped to negotiate and curate roles on our behalf.

This makes the other side of the equation - as job seeker and mother - more simple. For a window to the opportunity of jobs ranging in level, industry and time commitment, you can follow along on their Instagram feed or sign up for the newsletter.

Have you considered a flexible work arrangement? How did you find it? How is it working for you? We’d love to hear!