9 Habits To Set Up An Organized Week


I rushed into our bedroom to get dressed before our new-ish nanny arrived this morning and mentioned in passing that I like to be somewhat put together when she arrives. My husband laughed out loud and asked how I have time to overthink so much. My husband is always slightly amused with me but equally, I am always (over)thinking something - especially about how to make the energy in myself and our home as healthy and happy as possible.

As we shifted into our new dynamic with a nanny to support our home it has granted me more space and also challenged me to redesign our routines.

A few weeks into this, I’ve started to develop some habits for a Sunday evening & Monday morning that help me go in to the week feeling strong.

  1. Review Dan and my joint Google calendars. Besides giving us a chance to talk about what is coming up for us, this helps us set expectations between one another on mornings (who’s handing drop off) and evenings (if I’ll be handling bedtime solo or with Dan, what nights we’re cooking, etc.)

  2. Do a big grocery order on Instacart. I just find that when our kitchen is stocked with staples everyone is a little more content - blueberry waffles for Bodie or almond milk for my coffee go a long way.

  3. Clean out the stroller and restock the diaper bag(s). It’s amazing how spare change and dirty bibs just pile up in the pockets. Knowing that everything is in place just helps us get out the door a bit faster.

  4. Write out the kids’ week at a glance. It’s hard enough for me to keep the kids moving schedules in my head but now that we have someone else helping, I like to lay it out for our nanny so she knows what to expect (classes, playdates, foods we want to try).

  5. Set an intention. This is most commonly focused on Mother Untitled but sometimes it’s simply about how I want to be feeling - connected, lighter, organized, etc. - in the week ahead. I start my week with a call into my coach which helps break an intention down to action items for me.

  6. Lunch date with Bodie. We started doing this after Bodie started school in September and kept doing it after Lyla came along. Now she tags along sometimes but I find this quality focused time sets us all up to feel cared for and connected before going in different directions.

  7. Listen to the Skimm This podcast. It’s 13 minutes long and a perfect length as I walk from home to the Wing. It’s an easy briefing on the current events so I feel more in the know.

  8. Clear out my inbox. This one is new. I’ve really struggled with response timing for ever. Well before kids so I can’t blame it on them.

  9. Make a list of to-dos for Monday - Thursday. With our new set up, I have about 16 hours of time to use how I want it - on family admin, Mother Untitled or self-care. It is so easy to go down a rabbit hole of Amazon or summer camp research so I need a list to keep me on track.

What are your conscious or unconscious habits going into the new week? I’d love the inspo!

Featured Image by @Pauvivas via Golden Coil