5 Brands I Love For Our Kids’ New Rooms


Here’s a tip, don’t ask your 3 year old for design direction on their bedroom. I check in with Bodie every week to see if his answer has changed but he would still like the walls to be Red. I’ve settled on one color blocked wall in Farrow and Ball’s Red Earth in case any of you end up with an equally opinionated child who’s favorite colors are of the primary variety. Aside from the colors he’s let me run with it and I’ve found a few favorite brands to anchor the space with neutral while playful accessories and decor.

  1. Minted Kids Wall Murals - We had a gorgeous mural on Bodie’s nursery wall and it really set a tone for these last couple years in that space. I’d love to do something similar for the house we’re building but with a little more flexibility and this collection is so sweet and equally easy to remove. Equally cute and temporary is Chasing Paper’s line of removable wallpaper.

  2. Ferm Living Kids - The bedding, rugs, posters, are all playful in an elevated palette and just have a vibe that feels right to inspire creativity.

  3. Uprise Art - One of my dear friends introduced me to this with the suggestion that I use this chic but relatively affordable curation to build the kids’ art collection early. I also really love The Poster Club and Anthropologie for pieces.

  4. Lorena Canals - Washable rugs! Really. We love this Terrazzo one for Bodie’s red room.

  5. Pehr Designs - This has been our staple for simple while sweet storage baskets to corral all the stuff but I love their collection for bedding for both kids’ cribs and toddler beds, alike.

What are your favorite sites or brands for decorating for kids and babies?