MU Picked Toys To Inspire Sibling Play

Guys I’m here to tell you it happens. The day where you look at your two kids and you’re like oh my god this is why people have multiple children. Every ounce of time and attention I felt guilty I couldn’t give them because my time is split in two is redeemed ten times over by the adoration they have for each other - at least in the current moment. Obviously there are going to be ebbs and flows but its miraculous to me that two little people at two very different stages can find so much joy in each other. There have been a few toys or play “stations” in particular where they do their most giggling together - where Bodie can step into the teacher role and where Lyla is happy to be his most devoted student. As usual, we’ll keep these in our MU Picked shop where we store all our favorite things but you can also shop the list below.

  1. I didn’t think I needed a new play gym but The Play Gym by Lovevery is so thoughtful and well designed for all ages and stages of development. It’s Bodie & Lyla’s favorite place to lay next to each other.

  2. If you’re tracking us on stories, you’ve probably seen Bodie twirl Sarah’s Silks around Lyla to her delight. He’ll cover her with the breathable fabric and then pull it off which gets the best reaction and I’ll do the same to the both of them. He’s lucky she’s patient.

  3. If you’re doing bedtime together or just any quiet reading time, it’s fun to have a couple books on hand that both can enjoy. These by Japanese artist, Yusuke Yonezu, are high contrast so baby eyes can see it but have a cute story to them for older kids too.

  4. Oballs do the trick too but this natural rubber star ball by HEVEA is a chic alternative that the kids like to roll back and forth toward each other. It’s more Bodie rolling and Lyla reaching but it’s satisfying that she can hook her hands into it.

  5. Bodie has taken to puppet shows for Lyla and this Bla Bla tweedy bear is the perfect one for them to play with together. It’s soft and sweet for her and sophisticated and detailed enough to feel substantial for him.

  6. In the very early days, this Look Look book was a sweet way to position Bodie as Lyla’s teacher and we would look at it all together and have him do the “reading” by telling her what he could see.

  7. Rubbee Blocks were reccomended to us previously (here). Piece by piece they’re lovely to mouth for Lyla but Bodie enjoys stacking them in various configurations too.

  8. These Farm animal stackable cubes have staying power! I got it originally when Bodie was 18 months and loved the stacking and pairing element (animals with their respective house/block). Now, Lyla holds onto the animals or a block and Bodie stacks and tells stories about the animals and their homes.

Featured Image Bla Bla Bla Teddy on Rose & Rex