Celebrate #unordinaryWomen and Support Girls’ Education


This past International Women’s Day,  Lafayette 148 launched a campaign #unordinaryWomen, celebrating the “fearless spirit of accomplished, influential women who march to the beat of their own drum.” I felt incredibly proud to be a part of this because it means celebrating that there’s no one right way and there are so many definitions of success. It’s a message that I think is a gift to mothers in this community especially as we all make our unique choices in this chapter.

When Lafayette 148 invited me to be among the strong women representing the campaign I was feeling quite blah behind the scenes somewhere two or three months postpartum in the thick of transition with a toddler and a sleepy newborn. But when someone tells you they see you for your unique story it reminds you of your various dimensions. It’s such a simple gift we can give one another. We still have a month to spread the message and simultaneously generate funds to support young girls build their own story. I’d love our community of unordinary women do our part.

To support, you can pop to our Instagram today and comment on the post by tagging a friend who you admire for their special path. Be sure to use the #UnordinaryWomen and @lafayette148ny will donate $10 to @ShestheFirst, a non-profit supporting girls’ education around the world founded on the basic principle that a girl with an education is a powerful thing.

Thanks as always for being part of my story. xo

Photography by Sophie Elgort for Lafayette 148