The Limits of Labels


When I was single for a year in Boston, I got really into dating myself.  I’d do back to back yoga sessions and go to a little cafe and journal.  Looking back I’m pretty sure I had two notebooks and one was chock full of self affirmations. 

I felt so much joy and confidence reviewing the positive attributes that I identified with and felt they were an anchor on tricky days to hold still and confident.  But I was single - I had all the room to curate the life I wanted and the identity I wanted without external stressors.  So as I approach my mid 30s I’m loosening my grip on some of those self-identifiers.

Because some of those identifiers conflict with areas we want to explore or open up in this stage of life.  Too intellectual for Instagram? Too put together to reveal the mess?  Too career-driven to truly take the pressure off work while you parent? Too creative to own the business particulars? Too natural to switch from breast feeding to formula?

Does the weight of the identity and identifiers we’ve carried and utilized to carve our niche in the world hold us back from leaning into our authentic selves as mothers and women in our 30s and 40s?

I am in the process of undoing or loosening some of the labels to give myself permission to try some new things. 

Can you think of any labels that might be limiting you?

Photo by Griffin Lipson / @bfa