4 Ways I'm Getting Back Into A Creative Momentum

Lyla’s 7 months!

Lyla’s 7 months!

As most of you know, for the first six months with Lyla, I stayed home to welcome her into our world and transition to life with two. In April, I hired a nanny to support our home and give me 4 afternoons a week to work on Mother Untitled.

For the first week of that, I told myself it was about getting into a routine with a new caregiver and parting with the kids. The second week I decided was about feeling connected again, and I packed my calendar with coffees. Now we’re 6 or 7 weeks in, and I find myself itching for the momentum of last year.

I’m all about leniency on ourselves and measuring productivity in a multitude ways, but for me personally right now, I’m wanting to nurture this space and the ideas for it which means at some point I need to wedge one foot in front of another and out of the creative rut.

So here’s what I’m trying to do:

Block schedule - I commit to the entire Monday afternoon to working on the editorial calendar, Tuesday afternoon to meetings, Wednesday afternoon for writing and brainstorming and Thursday for miscellaneous to-dos on the site.

Avoid Instagram breaks - I could eat up all afternoons with this item, so I carve out time in the morning nap, “commute” and evening before bed to “look for inspo” - which is how I can easily justify it. The disruption happens when I hit a block writing, so I pick up my phone and the next thing I know I’ve spent a half hour and I’ve reached the end of the Internet.

Embrace Drafts - Whatever your medium of creativity, drafts exist for a reason. I have at least ten drafts at any given time of ideas I want to explore even if I can’t nail the composition. I don’t delete, but I’ll exit and come back to it later if it’s just not clicking at the time. I also have a tab in our editorial calendar to dump ideas.

Deep Learning/Listening - A while back in this Links I Like post I shared an article on deep listening - the idea of taking no conversation for granted and actively trying to learn. I’m trying to apply that to everything right now - conversations everywhere, Instagram, play with the kids, etc. Basically, I enter and leave all interactions with the mindset of “what can I learn?”. It means that sometimes I leave a community gathering at my son’s school with a pulse on what other parents care about right now, or I observe my kids to really see their vantage point in a way that I want to explore in writing, etc.

How do you do break yourself out of a rut?

Featured Photo by Michelle Rose Sulcov for Mother Untitled