A Letter To Our Guilt



My punchline on guilt: I think we overvalue money as the only reason we’re “allowed” to leave our children. Ya know what’s pretty powerful currency: peace. Energy. Vitality. Boundaries. A presence that they’d wanna emulate. A woman who follows her heart and the whispers of her soul. Someone who understands that every single person is unique in her needs.

This is what I remind myself time and time again as the not-deserving guilt creeps in. I was born to a mother who only wants happiness and wholeness for me too. Our only job in this life is to enjoy. And that looks so different for different people. And that’s what’s beautiful.

So what if... we didn’t judge the guilt. If we didn’t call it bad or nagging or negative. If we accepted it as a part of us trying to tell us something: what would that part be telling you? Is there any wisdom there? 

Sometimes I let the shadow parts of me have a voice by journaling. Allowing them to tell me in a more productive way. The same way we try to ask what’s up with our babies when they’re acting out... there’s information there. 

Maybe some values you’ve tucked away want to be heard. A trial run of this or that can come from a dialogue with guilt. 

It could look like. 

Dear Guilt,

You are unrelenting. And you’re stripping the joy of this moment for me. What do you want? I’m here. I’m listening. 

Dear Daniella,


Follow the back and forth until the natural end of the conversation. You can do it on a napkin at a coffee shop.  I may do this every time I leave Ness.

Do you journal? Do you have a format that works for you?

Daniella Rabbani is a Brooklyn based actress and the honest motherhood contributor to the MU community. Her full time gig is mama to Ness. 

Featured Image via Mod Cloth