The Power In Saying What You Want Out Loud

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The women we know, in our social spheres in real life and online, represent an elaborate array of life choices - many non-linear and hyphenated.

In a social stream where hustling and juggling and mom-bossing are generational power words, I’ve done a lot of work to embrace that this isn’t my season for that. I love watching other women do it and I really admire them.

After ruminating on this and revisiting it over and over at various junctures I return to my own simple vision statement - I want to be happy, soft and playful with my kids & my husband and fit in beautiful relationships & meaningful work on this personal project where I can.

What that means week to week changes but re-centering around my own wants felt good right now. Taking the pressure off everything else feels freeing and clarifying. Speaking it out loud as I did today on our Instagram feels empowering.

If you are still figuring it out which I would truly get, try writing a new post it a day. Keeping it to a post-it forces clarity and succinctness for me. Stick it up on your mirror and come back to it in the evening. Do you find how you spend your day or week to align with what you wrote you want?

Write a new post it note the next day. Over the course of a week or a month, does it change or are there themes?

If you already have a clear view, I think there’s a process of accepting that this is where you are and accepting where you can’t be in that moment. But I definitely find it helpful to remind myself that this all changes year over year if not sooner.

If you’ve gone through this exercise already, want to share what you really, truly want right now?