Two Strategies To Manage Your Headspace


One of the great qualities I’ve admired about my husband is the ability to compartmentalize. Whereas for myself, I imagine five parallel (or zig zag) streams of consciousness filled with action items, questions, plans, intentions and worries about any and all areas of my life. As I’ve been trying to get back into a place of drive and focus with structured time to work again, I went back to the Mother Untitled archives.

I’ve been relying on this previous post on healthy thought exercise to manage headspace. The key:

Instead of trying to suppress thoughts or force them to bubble up only in the exact right time or place, Buddhists, neuroscientists and mindfulness experts, will tell you to that it's your brain's job to produce your thoughts.  Your job, as they put it in this piece, is as the CEO.  

You’re not your brain; you’re the CEO of your brain. You can’t control everything that goes on in “Mind, Inc.” But you can decide which projects get funded with your attention and action.

The second approach to compartmentalizing which we talked about when I was still consulting, is carving out "in-between" time. Meaning using the 10-15 minute blocks when I'm walking, sitting in an Uber or in the bathroom to check the box on the little things.  The thinking being that life as a mother is much more hyphenated and so our time needs to be as well.  Using the car ride down to my meeting to get through rescheduling the doctor and knowing that I'd have the walk back uptown to handle the other minor to-dos, would keep those from intruding on the mental space set aside for the kids or Mother Untitled.

How do you manage your thoughts or to-dos on any given day? Do you have any strategies for staying focused? I’d love to hear!

Featured Image via Em Street Style