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Before having a baby, it’s all about prepping for the child. From nursery essentials to every sleep sack on the market, it’s easy to forget one important aspect of post-birth: yourself. We’ve talked about how to prepare for postpartum before and some of the essentials for post labor recovery. Here are the helpful products our editorial contributor and new mom, Chelsea Becker, recently relied on for her own fourth trimester - some that you might not necessarily think of.

You can shop all of Chelsea’s selections in the MU·Picked shop where we gather our favorites for balanced living in motherhood. 


1. Once you’re out of the mess of mesh from the hospital, I found these affordable high-waisted undies to give support to my healing lady parts and pooch. Order a size up from your regular size.

2. It wasn’t until week 3 that I pulled out a carrier and I wish I had sooner. The Solly is easy to use, soft on the baby’s skin, and most importantly, a vessel to hands-free life again.

3. I found sleep shirts and robes to be too revealing while breastfeeding, so I lived in this button-down shirt and shorts set. Still do!

4. Not something you’d necessarily think about, but these Blue Light Blockers were one of my favorite buys as a new mom. I found that being on any device only added to my exhaustion headaches, and these glasses majorly helped relieve pressure (while still letting me scroll the Internet to feel part of the outside world).

5. This facial ice roller + eye roller is everything for tired, puffy faces and migranes. Plus, the rush of cold is almost equivalent to a cup of coffee but without the excess of caffeine. Keep in the freezer for best results.

6. Another blessing for your tired eyes are these jasmine-infused self-heating sleep masks - especially as you’re trying to catch up on sleep during daytime naps or simply relax.

7. Let’s not pretend there’s time for a full face of makeup during the early days. Enter: tinted moisturizer. It’s what I’d throw on before people visited or to feel a little bit like myself. Love Ilia’s non-toxic option.

8. I didn’t fit into my regular leggings until many weeks after birth, so I lived in Gap’s maternity pair for that first month. I bought a size down from what I was wearing pregnant.

9. I actually didn’t think about tracking sleep/diapers/eating before my son got here and once he did, I quickly texted my girlfriends to find their favorite tracking app. The winner? Glow Baby.

10. I read this book in my final days of pregnancy and the early days of motherhood. No book has given me more peace of mind as a new mom. Thankful for this one!

Chelsea Becker is a San Francisco based writer, creator of becker editorial, and on the editorial team at MU. She’s a new mom to her son Cooper. For her clean beauty pregnancy routine, click here.

Featured Image of Taupe Solly Baby Wrap