The Kid Friendly Home Decor Swap I Made To Maximize Play Space


Here’s what I’ve learned about building your “forever home” (ideally) - it includes a lot of temporary construction leading up. Completion on our renovation project is looking like late fall, which makes our current apartment suddenly not so much our forever. And with the end in sight in this beloved space, we’ve started chopping into it to just make it work. Most notably cutting our living space in half with a temporary wall to add in a third bedroom for Lyla.

As we squeeze, every inch of our space needs to function as pleasing to the grown ups but soft and inviting for the kids who are at very different stages . A lot of this has meant editing down toys and furniture and leaving as much space free as possible.

We were still running into the issue that Lyla’s soft space to crawl was somewhat limited and I was carrying a little play mat (this one or this one) from room to room. Now that she’s scooch-ing she lasts on those for about two minutes before ending up under the crib or coffee table.

I wasn’t ready to go back to the Skip Hop foam floor tiles that worked well for us with Bodie when we had double the living space and could make one area a contained play space while preserving plenty of adult square footage. But wanting the cushiness and comfort of that, not to mention the easy drool clean up, I sprung for Ruggish. Ruggish is a one piece playmat that resembles a rug. The Lulu playmat in particular has two sides - one a muted palette geometric pattern and the other a more interactive playroad.

I ordered two and swapped out the rug in Bodie’s room and our living room making two easy play spaces that work for all of us now. We keep the road side up for Bodie and now Lyla can comfortably play alongside him without me worrying about spit up on his nicer rug. And the simple geometric side remains up in our living room giving her plenty of new space to practice crawling without being an eye sore.

And I’ve quieted my itch to redecorate our entire space and rerouted my energy to selling or donating the excess. More on that to come.

Do you have a home decor swap that’s made a big difference in your space with kids?

Featured Image via Pottery Barn Kids