My Favorite Cafes To Work From In NYC


When I had a block scheduled two days a week away from the kids, first on client work when Bodie was in his first year and then on Mother Untitled after I launched in the following year, I loved setting up shop in a consistent space. I chose the Soho House in Meatpacking as my designated work days. I enjoyed the creative vibe and company and made two of my closest mom friends there as we all straddled creative space and home life in this meeting ground. Then, when I grew more heavily pregnant with Lyla and had a busier preschool schedule with an older child I wanted to narrow my life radius and switched to The Wing within a ten minute walk from home and Bodie’s school. I also loved the female positive energy during pregnancy. And now as life becomes multi-hyphenated between both kids class, camp and school schedules, a construction project uptown, and MU, I’ve moved away from the block schedule and shifted into flexible windows of time that are always shifting. With that, it means I’m looking for flexible spaces to sit and write between things. For anyone else in this grey area in New York or visiting and looking to settle for a bit, here are five favorites I’ve found in between all the drop offs and site visits.

  1. Kobrick Coffee in Meatpacking - The service is exemplary and they will never rush you out. There are outlets under every table so you can really settle in and recharge.

  2. Da Capo in the Upper West Side - It’s airy in the front and has a studious library feel in the back. There’s often other women in the grey space between drop off and creative work around so you’ll easily strike up a chat.

  3. Maman in TriBeCa - With a Paper Source shop in the front and couches and tables toward the back, it feels creative and relaxed with a really sweet vibe and incredible food to nosh on through the day.

  4. Blank Slate Tea in the NoMad (north of Flatiron) - I’m loyal to these guys because it’s so close and convenient to everything. There’s always room to sit and the feminine interiors make it inviting for meetings if you want a place to congregate.

  5. The Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village - This place is particularly sweet in the winter or on a rainy day because of the moodier interiors and cozy seating. There’s a cute bar and restaurant in the back if you want to segue into the evening.

What’s your go to spot in your neighborhood wherever you are?

Featured image by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash