MU Picked Our Family Beach Essentials

Climate change and this particular heat wave aside, I happen to love the warm temperatures and beach life. Our kids are the same. It’s not without its shlepping but it’s also endless entertainment between shell collecting and wave jumping. I’ve collected a handful of favorite things for our family that keep things safe, organized and relatively stylish which lets me enjoy these days as much as they do.


1. Gathre Mats People are often skeptical when they see me unfold my rather large, bonded leather mat but without fail, everyone slowly flocks toward it. It’s sturdier, cooler and more comfortable for the whole family anywhere outside but particularly on the beach when you want to keep little hands and meals away from sand.

2. Minnow Swim Suits These suits are high quality and sweetly patterned in a neutral palette as opposed to the typically neon selection of suits for girls.

3. Vilebrequin Swim Shorts I buy these on annual sale and they last for 2+ years! The prints are so fun and they make excellent hand me owns. Also, you can get Dad a pair and a matching set makes a cute father’s day present to kick off summer. I pair these with affordable white iplay sun shirts.

4. YumBox Lunch Boxes These bento box style containers are good for school, camp and beach picnics. They keep all the portions carefully sorted so that apples aren’t touching the raisins (god forbid) and also keep everything cool and compact for carrying. I’m finicky about color palette and illustrations and these have an elevated look of both.

5. Archimede Swim Shoes If you’re lucky you can find a retailer close to you (for anyone else in NYC, they sell these at Space Kiddets in the Flatiron neighborhood) otherwise they’re worth the shipping cost. The fabric dries easily if you wear them in the water but equally they’re comfortable to wear day to day as sneakers. These last for ages and I’ve held onto Bodie’s from previous summers for Lyla to grow into.

6. La Roche Posay Anthelios Kids I used to swear by Alba Botanica Kids for Bodie but his skin was far less sensitive than Lyla’s. Her skin is more rash prone and had me testing a whole range for safe, easy to apply and non-chalky sunscreen. This one has become our staple for both the kids.

7. Canopy On The Go Year over year, we’ve trialed quite a few beach tents with our extended family and this recent discovery has become a crowd favorite. It anchors down with pockets of sand and is ultra sturdy - we left it out during a particularly gusty day and it held it’s own. The size gives off an incredible square footage of shade so you can set up beach chairs or a large Gathre mat and all get cover when you want.

8. Little Crowns NYC hats One of my close friends launched this company. Being an Aussie who spends most of the summer in Montauk with her girls she couldn’t find chic comfortable options for summer kids’ accessories. These are the only hats that fit both my kids well around the head and the brim. They come in a lightweight quality fabric to keep everyone cool and have a good mix of elevated and playful designs. Lyla still wears the i play sun hats that got handed down from Bodie.

9. Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket Floaties have been a game changer for us by the pool and beach as soon as Bodie turned two. It leaves our arms free to hang with Lyla or enjoy ourselves by his side. Moreover, it’s peace of mind as the kids hover at water’s edge. These fit well around the body and arms and have lasting power as they grow.

Are you beach people? What would you add to this list?