3 Gentle Workouts to Try During Nap Time



Before becoming a mom, I was a regular Class Pass attendee, showing up to exercise classes a few times a week and taking my time returning home. Fast-forward to motherhood, and like we all know, time is sparse - especially time for yourself. That’s why I love these 3 workouts. You can do them at home during naptime, there are various options for length, and most importantly, they leave you feeling energized (not even more exhausted) after completion. Oh, and they’re all very budget-friendly if not free.

Melissa Wood

Watch one of her Instagram Stories and you’ll instantly realize what a light this fellow mama is. Between her smoothie recipes, honest chats, affirmations, and candid approach, she’s one of my favorite people to follow. After watching her own post-partum journey (which again, she was very real about), I started doing her workouts which are $10/month. She’s all about long, lean lines. I’ve noticed an increase in flexibility and strength and her approach is calming. Plus, she caters to mamas in several pregnancy and prenatal videos.


I started doing this program before I got pregnant and noticed significant changes in my body. So post-partum, I was excited to pick back up. There are a ton of online workouts (from beginner to intermediate) and it’s all about posture, small movements, and correct form. If you struggled with your body kind of sagging everywhere after babies, this workout is amazing for lifting and toning. You don’t sweat but you’ll feel it the next day. $30/month.

Yoga with Adrienne

All of these (free) workouts are available on YouTube and I’m pretty sure she has like a thousand videos at this point. She is very relaxed and almost silly, which for someone like me who isn’t great at yoga but interested, is appreciated. She has a video for everything - from a quick lunch break at the office to post-partum energy to back pain and more. Any level of experience welcome.

What workouts do you enjoy from home?

Chelsea Becker is a San Francisco based writer, creator of becker editorial, and on the editorial team at MU. She’s a new mom to her son Cooper. For her ways to simplify life as a parent, click here.

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