MU Picked Our Favorite Books For Toddler Transitions

Everyone has their communication style and their way of ideally receiving information. In our family books have been a wonderful tool for us in helping Bodie prepare for new phases. For potty training, school, new siblings, and big complicated feelings, we’ve found the following that he’s loved.


1. My New Baby This one comes in a set of two including Waiting for Baby but Bodie latched onto the one that brought the new day to life. It works for before and after and is simple and sweet.

2. Potty Honestly this wouldn’t be my first pick because it is almost too simple but it’s a crowd favorite and still sits next to our potty a year after the big change.

3.Hands Are Not For Hitting This one is constant rotation when we’re revisiting Gentle but it has a catchy refrain and comes with tools for parents as kids navigate managing impulses which started at around 2.5 for us.

4. Llama Llama Misses Mama Gosh we love this one and read it breakfast lunch and dinner the weeks leading up to and starting school. The pictures really helped Bodie visualize what was coming but the easy story that includes real feelings normalized the experience of missing us during school.

5. When Miles Got Mad We are really loving this one right now as Lyla gets more mobile and into Bodie’s things. It has a special tilt for siblings but really helps kids make sense of their feelings. I’m still looking for ones about frustration, dissapointment and all the things!

6. Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes This has just had staying power from the bitty days to now as Bodie gets to know broader circles of friends from different communities, it’s a sweet way to talk about differences without belaboring it.

7. My Many Colored Days This is a good one for all of us and a reminder that we can have a range of feelings all within one day even. It helps little ones, especially at the turbulent threenager phase, label those feelings and realize they are just part of all of us.

8. One Special Day Another simple and sweet one that speaks to welcoming a sibling in a beautifully illustrated short story perfect for bedtime in those early special days.

Books are so personal. What would you add to this list that is loved in your family?