A Case For Intuitive Scheduling


One of the ongoing conversations I’ve been having among other moms in this community - both online and in real life - is how and when to make room for the other stuff beyond mothering in the absence of the formal structure of a traditional work day.

Alongside my main priority of quality time with the kids together and apart each day, I’m currently working on our apartment renovation planning and design, “family admin” and Mother Untitled community management and writing. I’ve been dabbling with various configurations of my schedule to make the appropriate space for all.

I’ve admittedly been craving the clean cut structure of two days 9-5 outside of the home and the remainder of the week at home that I once had. It’s simply not as neat right now. And no amount of trying to force a schedule for myself into our new family equation was sticking.

So in the spirit of acceptance which has been an overarching theme of this year, I’ve stepped away from my calendar and into a holistic view on Monday through Friday. A gift of hours that I am lucky enough to spend on things I’m passionate about - my family, our home and this community. And when I accepted that gift, I realized I had the power to define my goals, priorities and tasks for the week and leave the scheduling more flexible.

So with the example of writing, I want to achieve 6-10 hours of writing for the site a week for August. I accept that I can’t block schedule two days out of the home but I can consciously start the day auditing where I am in the week. Say, I got two hours done yesterday, I’m going to lean into time with the kids today and carve out the remainder of the hours tomorrow.

The balance of focused tasks with a flexible schedule works for me right now but I think it comes with the heavy caveat that none of this is permanent. More structure for “the other stuff” might serve me better or more organically evolve in a matter of weeks or months but the habit of checking in with myself on what or who I instinctively feel needs more time is one that I think serves us for the long term.

If you’re operating in the grey area of motherhood with non-traditional work alongside what does your schedule look like off late?

Featured Image via Golden Coil