My Favorite Parenting Life Hack


I’m a tad wary of sharing this as it will discredit my appearance of thoughtfulness and organization of late.

But for everyone’s good going into back to school season especially, I’ll do it. I’m a month into life made better by JetBlack.

I was hesitant at first. I’m not diligent on text as most of my close friends will tell you so the idea of being in constant communication with a bot was a bit odd. I also didn’t think there was anything lacking in my Amazon prime relationship. And gifting felt like something I should be handling.

But after two mom friends claimed it to be a life changer, I got passed the laziness to try something new. JetBlack is a high touch shopping service founded by Jenny Fleiss of Rent The Runway so it brings together the efficiency of technology with the elevated feel of a personal shopper.

The first step was sharing a bit about myself and our family to a lovely lady named Lisa who onboarded me with all my details in a quick 15 minute call. She offered a complimentary concierge visit to our home to audit our daily household goods. We punted that to the school year and I was warmly text introduced to “J”.

Still skeptical, I shot J a text with an arbitrary list of things that had been on my list. My first was mascara which I’ve been doing without for a couple months because of lack of time and energy to research. J sent me three expert curated options, A, B and C at prices that I cross checked elsewhere and confirmed were the lowest possible. I went with C and the next day my first tiny little black bag showed up. I did the same for my husband, texting “hair creme”, to which J offered three options and he went with the third, now saying it’s the best he’s tried.

I started to grow more bold texting J “birthday gift for my sister in law under $100”. Three options came in within twenty minutes. I chose a sweet blush gauze Parachute robe that I would have probably sourced myself if I had taken the time. I texted back the address and a quick gift message. J handled the rest. J has since handled all our baby and birthday gifts which I warn you is at a record high.

Probably the most basic and helpful offering is the random household supply list. I text “diapers size 4” when I think of it or I take a picture of the list that our nanny leaves at the end of the day of things like tupperware or trashbags. I put a RUSH on it. It’s there end of day without a minimum order.

Finally there are things I see at a friend’s house, in a shop or on Instagram and want to buy but just can’t bring myself to go through the whole check out process. I screenshoted an image I loved on Instagram and sent it to J. She handled it.

Beyond the slight embarassment of having multiple stylish ableit discreet black bags showing up every day to my doorman who always looks at my husband with this slightly sympathetic look, it’s simply put, lightened our family’s mental load.

Currently, JetBlack is only servicing New York though it can ship gifts anywhere in the U.S. I’m not the first to sing its praises so the waiting list is quite long. Knowing that the mothers in the MU community could benefit from a lighter load the team at JetBlack offered our community a special code: Neha01 for priority access of the wait list.

Featured Image via JetBlack