MU Picked For Back To School For Moms & Kids

I’ve only this year come to understand the slow readiness creeping into the tail end of the summer for the school year to begin. Now, with a little boy encroaching on 4 years old, I’m ready for the structure and socialization that school mornings will offer and perhaps selfishly, the space it gives me when not trying to create some semblance of those things at home. So this year, our back to school list is a combination of favorites to get kids in these early years sweetly prepared and organized while also doing the same for us. See below or brows our other recent favorite things in the shop.


1. Pura Water Bottle The steel keeps water chilled but the size and silicone wrap is very kid friendly. The spout never leaks (knock on wood) so it’s good for tossing into your bag or stroller.

2. Yumbox Lunchbox I have these in multiple sizes and for the picky preschooler who doesn’t want his gold fish touching his PB&J, the bento style works well. It also comes in sweet colors and patterns while keeping a slim profile perfect for little bags.

3. Fjallraven Backpack These pint sized backpacks feel appropriate for the preschoolers and still fit a water bottle, lunch box and change of clothes. They also happen to be a bit more understated and unique than the primary color jazzy norm.

4. Llama Llama Misses Mama This book helped our transition hugely into school mornings away from home. It’s simple and sweet with the message that parents always come back at the end of a day. It helped Bodie visualize the classroom, drop off and pick up. We are still reading it going into year 2.

5. Minted Name Labels Bodie is still choosing the style he likes but the options are plenty and they are dishwasher and washing machine safe so you can stick them on lunch boxes or coats, alike.

6. Golden Coil Planner These custom planners let you start the school year with your own fresh start and gives you a little back to school boost with an elevated feel.

7. JetBlack I shared a full post yesterday on how this app is lightening our family’s mental load this school year. As a reminder you can use code: Neha01 to get priority access off the waiting list for the service.

8. doTerra Kids Collection These kid friendly blends roll onto little feet and necks to help sleep, immunity and focus. But if I was going to go with only one, I’d go with the Stronger blend to help keep sick days at a minimum.

9. FEED Cultivate Kindness Tote I think it’s hilarious that Bodie gets a new backpack when I’m the one doing the heavy lifting of school projects and teacher gifts. My leather totes don’t necessarily wear well from school to gym so I’m getting this canvas one with a cute message that I hope Bodie asks me about on our walks to school.

Featured Image via Minted