These Skincare Splurges Let Me Go Makeup Free All Summer

I’ve fluctuated through my 20s and 30s between high end skincare and Cetaphil, finding no remarkable difference in anything that warranted the expense. I’ve never had any glaring skin issue besides a bit of dullness especially in the winter and under eye circles that have gotten fierce after babies.

But one day this summer as I rounded into my mid 30s, I was killing time en route home from a meeting in Soho. Maybe it was just wanting a quiet minute or something instinctual calling for a refresh but I trotted into Space NK ready to buy anything the very knowledgable sales team had in mind.

I admitted my love hate relationship with pricey skin care and started with the under eye sharing that nothing has made a dent. She quickly sat me down and said I had to try her cream which she took extra care in rubbing onto one eye and then stepping back and handing me a mirror so I could see the difference. I was sold. Sans makeup there was a pick me up. As she did the other eye so they matched I took a closer look at her skin which happened to be dewy and soft and clear.

I asked her routine and followed her around the tiny London based apothecary dropping into my cart her must haves. I did a slow edit as I approached the cash register but regardless walked away with Rodial collagen drops, Rodial Vitamiin C eye souffle, Vintner’s Daughter Serum and Barbara Sturm Facial Scrub.

The guilt about the expense wore off within one week after I got quite used to feeling the extra love on my face. And within about 10 days I stopped wearing makeup. Full stop. I only recently started wearing mascara again and that’s because someone else bought it for me.

I traveled light to the Europe and to the beach this summer, carrying only the new skin care and not a trace of make up. I felt confident, fresh and mostly like I was taking good care of myself.

I’m not a beauty influencer nor do I claim to be, but I am a 30 something living in a crowded city in a muggy season, and slightly under slept with two children under 3. I value feeling good in my own skin and anything that makes me feel relaxed and indulgent in less than 3 minutes a night. So here’s my non-beauty influencer beauty routine:

First off, I do the same thing morning and night with the exception of adding my daytime sunscreen:

  1. Wash face with Image Skincare Vitamin C facial cleanser for 1 minute (once a week swap for Barbara Sturm exfoliating scrub)

  2. Massage 2 drops of Rodial collagen into face (this acts as my serum)

  3. Take an extra minute to dot and rub in the Rodial Vitamin C eye souffle below and above eyes

  4. Pat and press 6 drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum into skin (this acts as my moisturizer)

That’s it. I’m not (yet) loyal to facials or masks so these simple, albeit somewhat splurge-y, skincare steps give me a more consistent feeling of indulgence and care with IMHO, very visible results.

What are your favorite skincare products that deliver?