Why August Is My Warm Up For The Fall

“The Cabana” by  Gray Malin

“The Cabana” by Gray Malin

It happens to all of us no matter how much the refrain of staying present is cast in sweet social cubes across the Instagram circles. As weekends pass in August, we inch closer to back to school and are somewhere between hanging on to the last of the freedom of it all and considering what life looks like come September.

For me, September presents structure for Bodie and in turn, structure for me and Lyla. When Bodie returns to school, suddenly from 9-1 on Monday through Friday, he benefits from the routine, structured play and exploration with other kids leaving our afternoons to be more relaxed with less pressure to fill the days with activities and play dates. Those four hours allow me the consistent windows of time to plan classes and play dates with Lyla for the mornings while Bodie is away. And once the children have their “semester” planned, I can start to block schedule more predictable windows of time to leave one of them with our nanny to get quality time with the other or to leave both to write, work on the renovation or catch up on personal and family care and admin.

Which leaves me this month starting to prepare myself for that structure and space by clarifying my priorities (read: saying them out loud). This week, I am outlining tangible things I want to get done in all of my buckets (personal development, mother untitled, renovation, etc.). It sounds prescribed but I’m giving myself little benchmarks of progress against these areas so that come the Fall I’ll have a little momentum to build on.

It also means I’m starting to give myself 6-10 hours away from the kids for these remaining weeks. These hours aren’t necessarily consistent week over week at this point but they get me into a place of flexing that trust muscle. The trust muscle that lets me confidently leave my children knowing they are in wonderful hands and that I can be productive and engaged outside of the home. It lets me learn again what lets me be uniquely productive - to do lists, commute podcasts, The Wing phone room. And it lets me get excited about things outside of family life that I may have detached from a bit over the past few months.

I caveat this feels particularly true this year as it’s been a series of transitions since the Fall of last year in our home so it almost feels like real life is starting up again.

Does this resonate with you? How do you feel this month?