Dealing With Physical Changes as a Mother



Joining the motherhood club, I’m in constant awe of what women go through to carry and care for our little beings. The mental, emotional, and psychical load is heavy - and it’s one that I’m just now beginning to understand. Only 5 months in, I have a long way to go, but so far I have found some strategies to deal with the new territory. Today I wanted to share a few ways to handle common physical changes that most mamas will experience.

Hair loss

I knew this was a thing, but I didn’t realize how much of a thing. I started pulling out handfuls of hair around the time my son was 3 months and as someone with naturally fine hair, this scared me. In order to save what I have left and hopefully grow new hair quickly, I’ve been using this collagen powder in my daily smoothie (it’s also easy in coffee). Collagen supports hair (and nail) growth/strength and also does the same for our aging bones. On top of that, I’ve started taking my prenatal again since they contain vitamins that can also help hair stay strong. I haven’t seen anything grow back yet, but the loss has slowed down thankfully!

Breast shape

Definitely wasn’t ready for the major changes that I have noticed in my breasts. Being super candid, they have seemed to lose all their fullness and shape - likely due to breastfeeding and the constant engorge-to-empty process. Now that I’m done breastfeeding, my boobs have gone down 2 cup sizes and still haven’t regained their original fullness. Though it’s not ideal, treating myself to new bras that actually fit my new shape has really helped with clothing and confidence. I personally love Third Love because you can order and find your size online without having to go anywhere. I’ve always worn their t-shirt bra which is a great everyday option and I also got this plunge fit which brings back roundness. Both are incredibly comfortable on tender breastfeeding boobs by the way.

Dark circles

I’m now officially part of the dark circle club - something I hadn’t really struggled with before parenthood. Now that I’m sleeping more it’s not as much of an issue (thank god), but I live for this Dark Circle Radiance Cream especially the first few months. Life-saver! I’d first ice roll my face to deal with the puffiness and tiredness, then I’d gently tap on the eye cream. Then alllll the coffee!

General softness

When thinking about my body post-baby, I seemed to focus on getting back to a certain weight. What I didn’t realize was how soft my body would get. I suppose it’s a mix of pregnancy, a lack of my regular exercise routine, and then eating whatever was in the pantry after a night of no sleep. I honestly don’t even care about the number on the scale at this point, I just want to feel strong again. I recently shared the programs helping me to do that here. I’ve also been dry brushing in the shower which promotes lymphatic drainage and can break down the look of cellulite.

Neck + back pain

After the first couple weeks of the constant rocking motion, my neck and back began killing me. Add in the awkwardness of breastfeeding and holding a baby at all angles, and it got worse and worse. I eventually made a chiropractor appt (something that was sooo helpful with pains during pregnancy) and don’t know why I waited so long. I immediately felt better and now go once a month for adjustments.

What physical change was the biggest struggle for you as a new mom?

Chelsea Becker is a San Francisco based writer, creator of becker editorial, and on the editorial team at MU. She’s a new mom to her son Cooper. For her ways to simplify life as a parent, click here.