The Importance of Creating a Calm Home Environment



Coming off of the lazy days of summer, getting back into the back-to-school swing can be a little jarring for both mothers and kids. That is why it’s important during this transition to create space for yourself, as a mother, as a partner and as a woman not just mentally but also physically.

As women and mothers, we all too often have a difficult time putting ourselves first. However, taking a little time to focus on you especially when things are a little crazy is vital as it is in those moments particularly that you are most in need of a little extra self-care and thoughtful attention. And, that space and positive intention starts at home.

Home is where we spend the most time with our friends and with our family so it should be a place of calm and minimal clutter. Clutter carries weight both mentally and physically and seeing it every day when you wake up and before you go to bed can be exhausting. Why feel defeated before you even begin the day?

If you want to create a little more peace in your place, we have some tips and strategies to create that space at home and make a little more room for wellness and you.

Out of Sight

Look around the house and gather all of the unfinished projects, things that need fixing and non-essential action items that you aren’t prioritizing into one box and write today’s date on it. Then, set an alert in your calendar for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months to check-in and see if you need anything in that box or if you can move those items along. Not seeing those items on a daily basis will be freeing and so will moving it once you find that you don’t need it which is likely the case.

Make it Aesthetically Appealing

If you are tackling organizing challenges in your home and need products to help keep things tidy choose something you like looking at and pick the same type of product for each space. Visual consistency is key because it creates a more peaceful looking space.

Taking the Time

Set aside 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week or whatever works best for you to do the things that you always try to put off. Whether you need time to tackle paperwork for the family, open mail and handle bills or even just a moment to sit in silence and get grounded for the day, block the time in your calendar and then actually take the time to do it. Habits are formed more easily when there is routine in the timing so set up appointments with yourself for anything that you need to get done consistently.

Creating Your Own Peace

Home is supposed to be a safe haven for the family and for you so you need at least one spot at home that makes you feel at total peace. For some it is a bathtub outfitted with candles and scented soaps and for others it could be a corner in the bedroom with a comfy chair and a shelf for your books but regardless having a spot to call your own and to do your thing is essential.

Regardless of what you do or how you do it, the most important lesson is that creating space for yourself should start at home.

Michelle Manske and Annie Draddy are co‐founders of Henry & Higby, a professional organizing company based in New York City. With an understanding that wellness starts at home, they help clear your clutter and set up new systems to allow you to find peace in your place. If you need help organizing your life & home, contact them at