The One Thing I've Changed To Make Alone Time More Fulfilling


I’ve only recently checked my weekly screen time statistics. I felt pleasantly surprised to see a current tally of 7 hours a week. For having a passion project that is mostly nestled in the Internet and it being 2019, I figured this was lower than the expected daily average (not based on any real facts and only assumptions).

I was happy to maintain that average until I caught myself complaining about having not enough time. Not enough time to eat, or work out or work through the to-dos on our renovation. This would be fair except for that hour plus that I now know I’m handing over to Instagram.

I love Instagram, I really do. I love the imagery, the words, the people watching and the beginnings of friendships. But in the last two weeks, save for a designated check in in the morning and evening to engage with our social media community, when I have those random pockets of time by myself I do something truly nourishing.

If it’s a half hour or more and I’m at home, I move my body - this is an easy platform I use to exercise. If that’s done for the day, I write, either on MU or in a real, notebook. I read - I just finished Educated and it’s incredible. If I’m in transit, I’ll listen to a podcast (usually, Unruffled, The Skimm, How I Built This or The Daily). Beyond that, I’m really challenging myself to call a friend (call, not text!).

There was a time vegging on the couch and watching SVU felt deeply satisfying in that random chunk of unwinding time. As that time became more fragmented, TV has given way to scrolling and in the same way it can be mindless and therefore relaxing. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But given I often catch myself feeling tight or tired or missing my friends I felt ready to take that hour back. It’s a conscious effort when our phones are default companionship but the habit of defaulting first to actively investing in yourself has felt well worth it.

Do you default to scrolling or browsing your apps? If you have pockets of alone time how do you spend it?

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