Join Us For A Workshop For The School Year Ahead


Well past my academic years, I’ve found the back to school feeling infectious. Part of that is just human desire for change and another is the engrained feeling of newness and resets from elementary days.

Now that Bodie is preschool age, that feeling is amplified. On one level I’m excited (and all the tangental feelings) for him. And for myself, when our kids go back to school, or even playgroups or classes, we build back our sense of routine.

The routine is a gift for most mothers I know and the general Fall culture definitely injects energy back into whatever you’re working on personally or professionally. So, my friends at Rose & Rex and I decided this was the perfect time to host our second vision boarding workshop. Beyond being an event to get together with other thoughtful women in this same life stage over good food and drink, it’s a time to get to reflect on what you want for yourself and visualize that in a way that is hands on and all around fun.

This is my favorite event I’ve done to date because it really brings to life the thesis of MU - that this time in your life - can actually unlock so much. And it’s hand in hand with some of my favorite people, the beautiful, playful minds at Rose & Rex and the creative girls at Maman.

For those of you in New York, we would love you to join us. To purchase a ticket and grab a spot with us head here. Hope to see you there!

For everyone else, do you vision board? Would you consider making one for the season ahead? xo