What Drives You?


One of my most interesting and interested friends asked me this en route to an event. It was an event that, like many off late, blurs the lines between social, family and work for me. Because Mother Untitled somewhat sits smack dab in between all of those. But she was still curious, why push myself to be somewhere when the easy option was hang at home.

Drive? Of course I consider myself driven. The most optimistic definition of Driven by Merriam Webster is, “determined to succeed : highly energetic and motivated.” In answering, I somewhat stumbled over nothing and everything.

Drive was much more linear in schooling and then career. But in this phase of life, drive is both painfully simple and oddly complex.

Right now, it’s first to be the most peaceful, joyful version of myself for my family. I put so much learning, thought and time toward that. Hand in hand with that, I’m driven to learn and develop as a parent and a partner to give my kids and husband what they individually need to be the happiest they can be. From there, it’s to stay connected and creative to things that make me whole which feeds point 1 and 2 . And finally to fill our life with beautiful moments.

But there is no clear end goal. No career title or pay grade. Mother Untitled and my drive to create the message, circulate in these spheres to promote that message and make connections to elevate it, is mostly because right now that’s what I feel personally and passionately about. I’m open to the possibilities of where it could go.

So what drives me? Joy and peace in myself and our family. So do the exercise, write it out. It doesn’t have to be permanent or tangible or simple or very complicated. It just has to be true.