How I Cut Costs To Stay Home With My Child

I think it would be silly to claim that cutting a weekly manicure allows me to stay home with Bodie. I'm very lucky that my husband and I can afford, with some lifestyle adjustments, for me to have made a massive change in my career and salary.  

I could try to make the argument that consulting combined with the savings from not paying for full time care for our child is more financially beneficial than a potential salary but that's not the case for us.  So now I think about how I spend money all the time, in ways I never did prior.  Sometimes that's healthy and sometimes its guilt.  But something has to give for most everyone when they have a child so in the spirit of caring for our family I did an audit on what was cost clutter for me and what was meaningful. Here's where I've made my adjustments. 

1.  Excessive pampering.  I used to meet friends for spa days and Drybar was a weekly ritual not a treat.  It turns out, I can blowdry my own hair or put it up in a bun and I'm happy to opt for a walk or a visit at home with friends.

2.  Tiny pricey things.  Birch Coffee, Smart Water and random Almond Croissants.  The ritual of walking to work with coffee in hand has been replaced with Bodie pushing the button on our coffee maker with me every morning and watching the mug fill up.  I choose that any day.  

3.  Shopping for sport.  I actively stop myself from clicking into the rathole of very enticing retail e-mails.  Luckily I don't have time to browse racks without purpose.   I've fully bought into the minimalist closet concept so when I need to add specific pieces, I'll hunt in online sales. 

4.  Gym memberships and classes.  I'm a sporadic worker outer.  The truth is, I used to buy Barre monthly memberships because the idea of going with girlfriends, in a cute top knot and tights, was beautiful. In theory.  So now, if motivation arises, I pop downstairs to run on the treadmill or do a 20 minute workout with FitStar while Bodie naps. 

5.  Travel.   This is a joint one for Dan and I.  When we sit down and look at our finances, travel is one of our chunkiest line items.  This year, we decided to do away with the last minute 4 day trips here and there and consolidate the time and money against one week long vacation in the summer and another sunny one at the end of the year that we can fund with points (thank you SPG).  

There are things that I will never give up - hosting brunches at our place, classes for Bodie and standing date nights with Dan. But as I navigate a new chapter it comes with new choices, some big, some small, but they're real and different for everyone.  

I'd love to hear - have you had to make cuts as you've created space for motherhood?