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Alex Labriola, design director

Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in illustration, branding and letterpress. After a decade of working in-house as a Creative Director in both the interiors and hotels industry, and freelancing as an illustrator and designer, in New York City, she merged her two worlds to pursue Al Stampa’s daily mission…telling visual stories.  Her work includes logo + visual branding development, custom illustrations and more. She is even developing a wallpaper line!

Now based in Amsterdam, Alex lives with her husband and kitty Lou.

She is the design director of all things visual here at Mother Untitled, working one on one with Neha each week.

Follow her life and work @alstampa


chelsea Becker, editorial

Chelsea Becker started her company, becker editorial, after spending her childhood browsing every magazine she could get her hands on and writing for some of the largest companies in the world. She now works alongside brands and influencers to maintain their content, social media, creative, and peace of mind. When she's not behind her devices working, you can find her at the beach with her husband and their dog in San Francisco. She's currently expecting her first child and can't wait to meet the little one—and for the return of vino on the reg.

She manages the editorial goings on at Mother Untitled making sure to keep voices and conversations fresh. She writes here about pregnancy and freelance life. 

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Danielle rabbani, motherhood contributor

Something I realized in talking about motherhood. I get shy because when it comes to the best products, how to freakin cook and or clean (srsly how do you clean the stroller? Rly asking.) or even how to make your kid smart or polite or stylish: I’m at a loss. How to juggle career and wholehearted mamahood? No idea. Keep up a sexy marriage? LOL. But what I think I offer is support and honesty around raising a kid you like - not because you molded him but because you witnessed him all the while - and maybe if I dare say: I advocate for engaging in motherhood as a spiritual experience meant for our evolution.

I’m a NY based actress whose background is in the theater, aspirations in film/ TV and bread + butter is commercials. My full time gig is mama to baby superstar Ness.

I’m really happy to connect, guys. Srsly. @DaniellaRabbani


Liz yingst, style contributor

I spent my first 10 years in NYC working as a buyer in the fashion industry -- for Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Valentino. After taking my own pause to start a family, I realized I wasn’t ready to step away from those pre-child interests. I started LY STYLES, a personal shopping and wardrobe consulting company, to continue to study style and to interpret it for new communities of women.

In my monthly posts here, I share quick and simple pieces to help you feel current and confident in this life stage. Drawing upon the different stages of my own motherhood experience, I work on creating edited selections relevant to our community from the sometimes overwhelming world of online shopping. 

Keep in touch @lystylesnyc !